The Blue Mountains of Jamaica provide ideal conditions for growing coffee. Small farms, set in sheltered locations below the majestic rain forst, produce the world's finest coffee beans, handpicked with meticulous care and processed under the control of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.


Here at Coffee Roasters of Jamaica we apply the roasters craft to bring out the superlative flavours dormant in these beans, by roasting and vacuum packaging small batches under the close supervision of our experienced family team.


This package of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee will provide you with a unique experience to be savoured at your leisure, slowly as Nature produced it.

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

  • Medium Ground/Medium Roast

    Small: 57g

    Large: 227g

    Jacra Gold Standard Winner 2018: Premium Quality

    Vacuum packed for freshness

    Resealable zipper pouch

    Product of Jamaica